Lexi Byron

Working with Mike Monti is a one of a kind experience. He provides a safe and engaging space to be yourself, have fun, and get a top notch personalized work out.
The word procrastination is not in his vocabulary. He will push you to your max potential and guide you in exceeding your goals. Mike is an extremely encouraging, motivating, and personable trainer. It is very rare to work with a trainer who values open communication and has a strong work ethic.
Mike possess both of those qualities and is simply there for you, the client. His support is palpable as he makes it his mission to get you to where you need to be. Mike is punctual, effective, and purposeful in everything that he does.
His sessions and techniques are specifically designed to help YOU and to help you only. His material is original and researched best practice. You can trust Mike Monti to transform your body and to keep it real. Mike’s passion for fitness is undeniable. If you’re looking to get fit, learn your body, and laugh a lot, Mike Monti is your guy!

Mark Quigley

I’m significantly stronger physically, bigger muscles. My core feels super solid, which is important given the back issues I have.I feel great. I can lift heavy objects without being concerned I might aggravate my back. My body feels more aligned and much more balanced. And I’m much more popular on Grindr now than I was before we started working together ????

Eddie Rowan

Training with Mike Monti has been extremely beneficial both physically and educationally, also fun. There’s no feeling like achieving personal goals that make you feel great about yourself everyday.
I train with Mike Monti because I lacked the knowledge and results I hoped to gain, and with his training I’ve exceeded all expectation and crushed (I mean crushed) all numbers I had previously achieved on my own.
I’d personally recommend Mike Monti for any fitness/nutrition plan period, no matter your goals, body type, or overall personal health I 1000% feel that if you give it your all with his help you will get where you want hands down.
I’m sorry I can’t benefit you the same but when your elevator breaks to your pent house apartment somewhere in downtown Manhattan I’m there.

Steven Magnus

I had a full knee replacement and wanted to exceed where I was prior…
I feel I am getting there.
Monti has been an amazing PT… helping me reach one goal at a time….
Helping me understand my own body, I’ve become more aware of areas to improve, including flexibility.

Kenny Moy

I have been working out with Mike for the past 2 years religiously, and for the past 5 years in total off and on. I could not ask for a better trainer, who is knowledgeable in many different facets of fitness.
He consistently challenges me to be better in my fitness life, but has also enabled me to meet my fitness challenges and goals as well as strive to meet and surpass new ones. Prior to working out with him, going to the gym seemed like a chore, but now after working out with him as well as continuing to work out with him, he has made working out a passion of mine.
Working out has become fun because of his teachings. Physically I feel much stronger, more energetic, and healthier.
Emotionally, I am more confident in myself not only in my gym/athletic abilities, but it comes out in my work life as well.
Mike’s the best. I don’t know what life would be like without him.

Robert Hacker

Physically, I am leaner, fitter, stronger and more athletic.
Emotionally I am stronger and more confident.
I am clearly in the best shape of my life at 48 and am only getting better. I did not think that was possible 5 years ago. Michael takes a big chunk of the responsibility for this because of his well crafted work out plans and his dedication to me.
I have periods where I go off the wagon, so to speak, but whereas in the past I would have stopped working out because, “what’s the point,” now I get back to the gym every time because i will not let myself get back to where I was.