QUIZ – What Superhero Workout Are You?

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What Superhero Workout Are You?

What Superpowers Do You Want?

What do you want to achieve?

1. Turn into a Unstoppable Green Monster (Add Muscle)
2. Stop a Runaway Train (Gain Weight)
3. Ability to Fly (Lose Weight)
4. Super Speed (Improve fitness/athleticism)

What Amazing Feats Are You Capable Of?

How active are you? Do you consider yourself fit?

1. I'm a sidekick with no superpowers (Not very active)
2. I have cool abilities and tech, and I have saved countless lives (Average)
3. I am formidable and brave as I stand ready to save the entire world, again (Active)
4. I have gone on epic crusades to save multiple universes by defeating all-powerful beings in fierce battles (Very Active)

What is Your Weakness?

What do you struggle with? What doesn't work for you?

1. Kryptonite (Food/Diet)
2. Formal Training (Gym Membership)
3. Elemental Weakness (Outdoor Activities)
4. Lack of Discipline (Workout Videos/Self-Guided)

How Did You Get Your Superpowers?

What has worked for you before?

1. Years of Intense Training (Gym Membership)
2. Taught by a Master (Workout Classes/Trainer)
3. Braved the Elements (Outdoor Training)
4. Studied the Sacred Records (Workout Videos)

All 4 questions completed!

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What Superhero Workout Are You?

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